Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink Feathers

I need to play!

We are already four days into the boys' medication (three days with just the Fenbendazole), and we have two days to go on the new regimen. Vladi and Tanji have been getting their daily doses, spread over three wet meals each day, hidden under canned food and within baby food. Uschi (who is supposed to get the most because of his size) has not been as good at taking his medication. All three seem to be feeling fine, although it is too early to tell if the parasites are getting wiped out.

Today was supposed to be a play day, but we ended up at work during the good weather, and came home to a downpour. Luckily we have DaBird toys hidden away that could come out and play...

The pink feathers are not the boys' favorite to chase...

...but they are still irresistible.

Uschi is ready to play, but someone else just showed up.

Oh boy, I like feathers!

Pat, pat, pat.

After a bit of warming up...

Vladi takes to the air (and back to the ground).

Someone is getting tuckered out.

Tanji has been rolling nearby, waiting for his turn.

Nope, not yet Tanji, Uschi is on the move.

Good effort Usch.

Tanji is now waiting on the bed to play,
he gets VERY excited.

Here comes the feathers!

Ohhhh Boyyyyy!!!

Look out Tanji, Vladi's back!

Somehow Vladi usually ends up being the last cat playing.

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Honey P. Sunshine said...

poor babies, we hope your tummies feel better soon