Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your Food Looks Better Than Mine

Mommy cat and kitten? (sorry Uschi)

Part of the "fun" in giving the boys their medication is that everyone likes slightly different foods. Uschi likes his dry foods, especially his new Science Diet i/d and Royal Canin Special 33 (for sensitive kitties like Usch). Tanji is now crazy for baby food (turkey or chicken), and begs with a paw up and baby mews whenever he hears tho pop of a lid. Vladi can't resist Fancy Feast chicken feast (ground up without gravy). Sometimes this creates meal-time confusion...

Uschi didn't want the plated feast,
and dove over Vladi for the dry food.

Vladi is gobbling up the feast, oblivious to Uschi.
Tanji is off chasing Les to get his latest hit of baby food.

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1 comment:

mcat said...

Absolutely hilarious !! Don't they eat each other's food when theirs is gone ?