Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween Wrap-Up

Halloween started with this sweet treat at work.

Well, there were actually at least TWO doughnuts :)
I'm dressed as "evil elf" (or maybe Pocahontas)...

Mark is previewing his Gandalf hat.

 Halloween is kind of a new holiday for us, and we had a blast.

I got to wear my Witchy Moon star from Little Love Letter Arts.

The boys don't really get into "exciting" holidays
(Independence Day with its fireworks is the worst),
So we celebrated at the PPP house.

Mark is in character as Gandalf...

Kind of spooky!

 The house is festive, its a party place...

 ...with plenty of snacks before the trick-or-treaters arrive.

 Its a damp and gray day, apples are falling from the tree...

 ...and the ornamental maple is in full color.

The front porch is dressed up with an orange light
and our carved pumpkins.

 Hey, those are some good looking candies...

Trick or treat!

 Back inside, the pumpkin candle is going full blast...

...and the pumpkin seeds are roasting.

Pasta salad with lots of orange veggies...

 ...and a bit of celebratory wine from a local vineyard.

A toast to Halloween 2012!


Bonnie said...

I'm glad to see Halloween celebrating going on somewhere. I'm on the East Coast, and Hurricane Sandy effectively wiped out Halloween for all but the most intrepid or determined candy monsters. I came across only three, and one of those I had to cross an avenue to get to in order to give away the candy I'd bought for Halloween. Sigh!

Deven said...

Looks like you all really had fun!