Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wet Walk

Even though it was lightly raining all day, the boys had been cooped
up for days and needed to stretch their legs and blow off steam.
 Tanji walks me around for a while.

 Vladi keeps running up to us, all excited and playful.

 At first, Tanji growls and hisses at his little pesty brother.

But after about fifteen minutes, the two are sniffing
everything together, and eventually chase each other home.

Meanwhile Uschi is sitting watching the small birds at the pond.

I leave him there, but run back when I see
a great blue heron take off nearby.

 Uschi saw it too, and is shaking with excitement.

 The rain is coming down harder, and U is totally soaked.

With a meow and a tail swish, Usch heads for home.

Oops, instead of heading inside, U has sprinted out to the shed,
and I have to chase after him and carry the wet weight home.

Inside I'm getting a lot of mushy stares from the boys,
they really enjoyed their wet walk (and so did I!).

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silvia said...

cat happiness is....
♪♪♪meowinging & dancing in the rain!♪♪♪