Monday, September 02, 2013

Alone With Meowme

The boys have had two weeks alone with me while Mark has been
away visiting family.  Needless to say, Uschi has taken it the hardest...

U has been really quiet, no 5 a.m. wake-up Uoostering, he's just
lolling around, barely batting at his favorite flyswatter.

Tanji let one parent escape, there's no way he's letting another one
get away.  So he's been following me everywhere and is back to
sleeping by my side like a little kitten.

Vladi has been the least impacted, he has a new garden of
Vera Bradley blankies and towels to escape to.

I've learned a few lessons: have plenty of "Dumb Cat" cleaner for
angry cat accidents, and lots of bribe treats for pouting kitties.
We've all settled down, just in time for their "Paw" to return today.

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