Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kennel Door Modification

We have mentioned on several occasions that Uschi is a bit "vociferous."

When he starts "Oooostering" at 4am, we eventually get up (snap),
if he is not already on his wheel, he quickly heads to it,
and starts running and continues to Ooooster.

When we get to him he is purring and showing off his wheel,
all happy we are finally up and ready to play, it is kind of sad but
we scoop him up and take him to the kennel where he gets launched.

All is well for a few minutes,
Then he starts pounding on the locked door,
(we've tried putting pillows next to the door, etc)
this is almost worse than Ooooostering.

So, now almost 7 years in,
(I might be a light-Blue (mix of White & Blue) from
The Color Code Hartman Personality Profile)
I decided to modify their kennel door.

Daaaad,... what are you making Meeee?

Ummm, he is doing something to our door.

I used 0.75" plywood to make a slotted holder for
piece of 0.75" plywood to slide into.

Vladi is on the scene to "help"

Anyone want to play?

Completed modification.
The first (inner) 2" wide layer of plywood is
just thicker than the door, the next layer is 1" wide, then the
third (outer) layer is 2".  This creates a 0.75" thick slot.

That tightly holds the 0.75" thick plywood.
Solid, nothing to bang on.

So, he thinks that will work,... Ha!

It has,... so far.

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