Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kennel Restored

The boy's kennel had been reduced in size,
because we were going to build a room off that
side of the house. We changed our plans, so
their kennel was restored.

Once it was buttoned up, the boys came out
to inspect their new/old kennel and the
finishing up around the outside.

Daaaaaad, can I help?

I'm a good helper,...

Vladi is glad to have his big climbing pole back.

Dad,... Daaaad,... Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad,...
I can climb too.

V zooom up the ramp.

Headed back down.

Tanji inspects the clean-up.

Whoa there, dad is compacting the soil
a bit too energetically.

Thanks for putting our kennel back together.

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