Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creative New Year

For many years, mid-July has been a creative benchmark for me.
Its the perfect time to reflect on the accomplishments of the
school year that is winding down with summer classes,
and time to gear up projects for the next year's fall
course that is barreling towards us.

Some of my biggest and best art projects went into full swing
during the dog days of summer.

Coincidentally, last year and this year I finished up a journal
(I complete one every few months) on the same day: July 24.
The outgoing journal is so much "fluffier" than the new one.

This seems like the perfect start to an annual event.
We already celebrate New year's Eve, New Year's Day, and
Chinese New Year, just add "Creative New Year" in July.

So from now on, every July 24, I plan on celebrating
by breaking out the paints...

Starting a new journal...

Reflecting on all the good (and great) work of the past year..

...and planning pie-in-the-sky projects for the new year to come.

Happy Creative New Year!

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