Saturday, July 12, 2014

Portland Day 2

Its morning in Portland, and now we're pretty sure we want a house
that has a giant atrium about the size of the one in this hotel.

After the big buffet breakfast, we want this river flowing through
the house too, so this should be a fun shopping day.

First up, after the obligatory trip to Ikea (we'd live there, can you imagine
how much fun the cats would have?),
its time to stock up on a trunk-full of cat food and scratching boxes.

Then its off to three stone and tile shops, with a particular eye out
for surfaces that fit in with a water theme.

This is our cup-of-tea, beautiful finishes, like you would
find in a spa, or in our dreams.

This is our first time looking at rock slabs, and its a kick.
This conglomerate granite has high drama, it would be amazing
as a feature wall, very modern and POW!

I'm loving this amber onyx, its Bellagio's colors: cream and honey,
and would look wonderful with accents of black and rainbow.

The tiles were incredibly varied, something for everyone.

On the way back home we visited another manufactured home
dealer.  We are definitely entertaining contrasting designs: from
 huge-scale spaces to smaller hide-aways.

We can tell it was a successful trip, our bags are filled with cat
treats and junk food.

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