Friday, July 11, 2014

Portland Product Palooza

We're heading to Portland to look at house finishing details.
We get to cross two bridges we haven't been on before.
 It really is a beautiful city.

On the trip up we visit Pilot Truck stop (excellent coffee) and stock
up on Taco Bell burritos and Cheetos. The whole state seems to make
this stop, including these show horses.

Stunning.  But I don't think Tanji would approve of us adopting
any new family members (he still growls at Vladi, six years later).

Our first stop is to take a peak at the Opti-Myst fireplace.
Its electric and using lights and water vapor to simulate
flames.  You can have the flame effect with or without heat.

Its pretty impressive, we want one, only bigger.
The cats could sit inside and not get hot, its kind of brilliant.

On our way to the next stop, Mark spots a huge stone and tile store,
and they had a really nice greenish stone that would be
perfect a walk-in shower.

Next a ritzy kitchen and bathroom store, but no pictures from here
because of sticker shock.  My favorite kitchen faucet (not the sink,
just the faucet) was $1100 and the tub I liked best was $6000,
so thats enough of that.

We zip over to our favorite Portland retreat to regroup.

Luckily the stay includes a happy hour, we can work down our
list of well drinks and not dwell on toilets that cost over $1000.

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