Friday, May 16, 2008

"Spring" Weather

Today, Summer came in with a vengeance,...
Record temperatures were recorded all over the state.

Tanji came in from his kennel and
flopped down just inside the door.

I think I'll just nap inside,...

Uschi found a cool sheet and sprawled.

By, 8pm the boys decided they wanted to try it outside,
it was still 95 degrees but we headed out.

Is anyone else coming out ?

It is kind of hot out here,...

Les and Vladi added some water to the pond,
i.e. played in the spray.

Vladi flopped on some cool mud,

then explored the shade of the blooming Lupines.

Tanji got his belly wet by the pond

I'm hot.

Uschi checked out the pond and

got a cool drink.

The family hangs out at the beach.

The temperatures are suppose to stay high for the next few days
then we should head back to our regularly scheduled 60-70s.

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