Saturday, May 03, 2008

Vladi and Me

Vladi is a very self-sufficient boy and likes to explore
around his bird feeder when we first go outside every day.

I go my way (following after Uschi),
Les is chasing Tanji,
and Vladi heads to sit under his feeder.

But it doesn't take long before
little Vlad-man joins Uschi and me ...

"Hi guys, what are we doing here?"

"O.K., staring at grass, I can do that!"

Vladi waits patiently, but he is a kitten
and wants a little action too.

Time for a little walking...

... and a little climbing too.

My little buddy.

Where is Tanji during all this?
Tomorrow: Tanji and...... Les, of course!

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1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Photos 2 and 3 -- Vladi's tail is FABULOUS! Oh, how I want to tug it! (But Remy would be jealous...)