Friday, May 02, 2008

Uschi and Me

When the whole family heads outside,
Vladi tags along with whoever is nearby,
Tanji spends some time on his "route"
and some time with Les, and

Uschi spends most of his time with me.

We walk together...

and stand and stare at grass together.

Sometimes Uschi gets a ride to a new location.

This is the highly perfected "Uschi dismount."

This is a favorite spot to sit and enjoy the sights.

Sometimes we have our own thoughts,

Sometimes we stare at the same things...

or share a blade of grass.

Sharing a moment together...

Cowabunga! Vladi's here!

Tomorrow: Vladi and Me...

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Bonnie said...

Sharing a blade of grass -- sweetness!

Anonymous said...

love the two guys back view - wonderful -- max cat

LapLeopard said...

Love the first picture!