Sunday, May 04, 2008

Where's My Tanji?

I can count on having plenty of time with Uschi and Vladi when we go outside for walks, but Tanji is a different story. Typically, shortly after we head outside, Tanji leaves us to follow the mowed paths and takes himself for a walk (with Les following behind)...

Tanji has a plan, and follows it closely:
sniff, stalk, spray.

Once he does his multi-acre loop,
Tanji often takes Les for a walk too.
Les had a little camera with her to snap the action...

Let's go!!

Tail up, Tanj is picking up speed.

Tanj stays very close to Les' legs.

Paying attention to any course changes.

Frequently Tanji wants to stop and play,
and "subtly" herds Les...

Time to stop!


Let's play now.

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