Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's Uschi's Birthday...Again!

Uschi inspects "his" gift.

Its Les' birthday, which means its really the boys' birthday too. Any gift MUST be for them and pass the sniff-lick-kick test. Uschi as always was first on the scene to inspect his latest haul of goodies...

First was my professionally wrapped (aluminum foil) boxes of
pink dye for a pair of coveralls, so Les can garden in style.

Oh boy, these are awesome!

Uschi, you better not be biting those boxes!

Fine, Whatever, I don't want these stinking boxes anyway.

Meanwhile, Tanji and Vladi have been getting all excited,
and are beating each other up.

Wouldn't Vladi look pretty in pink??
(A pink mink, very classy)

Tanji finds the wrapping,
but Uschi quickly reclaims it...

Mine, all mine. Back off little man!

"What else did I get?"

Les got a purse from my Mom,
or should we say, USCHI got a purse...

A quick sniff...

The claws are coming out...

Let's remove this tag, right now.

Who dares approach the Uschi gift?

Can I play with the purse too?

Sniff, sniff.

Kick, kick.

Hug, Hug.

Vladi wants to play too.

Three bad Bengals.

This is bound to become...

a birthday wrestling match.

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