Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Who is Under the Blanket?

Usually the boys don't seem to like to be under blankets unless they are draped to form a cave. This makes it safe to lay on the bed without worrying about squishing a kitty. Well, at least that is until now...

Tanji jumps on the bed, all excited.

What do you see Tanj?

There seems to be a little lump under the blankets.

I lifted up the blanket so Tanj and I could look underneath...

What's under here Tanj?

It's a huge eyed Vladi !

Vladi is ready for action, so the covers go back down.

Tanji pounces...


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Katie said...

That is so cute! I love the wide eyes as Vladi stares out from under the blankets.

It's winter over here so Puddy often joins me under the covers - it's so warm in there, except for when her cold wet nose presses against my arm! Hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Our girls love that game too! Especially when I change the sheets. However, I must admit I don't enjoy the game when I'm under the cover with them! They are generally careful, but now and then they get so into the game they forget to take care of their furless Human-mon