Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Mother-est-ones Visit

My mother and her husband Miles just visited from N.Y.

These are some pictures mom took.

Vladi was ready for "Grandma" to visit him for the first time.

Tanji kept a safe distance,...
but wanted to be in the room with us and was
"relaxed" enough to enjoy

a good ear scruffing.

Uschi showed off his swirls, ran on the wheel,
"talked/sang," visited for pets, and

showed off his water fountain.

Vladi really likes visitors,
unlike his big brothers.

He comes right over and greets most anyone,
sorry Kelli, who wants to admire him.

When mom and Miles first arrived, Vladi was fast
asleep in the closet, soon he heard the new voices
and came to investigate who was here to admire him,...

Soon he climbed right in Miles' lap,...

and seemed pretty happy with himself.

FYI - he doesn't climb in our laps. >;-|

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Black Cat said...

Doesn't that just tee you off when your loved one sits on a newcomer but not on you?! The contrariness of cats, but would we have them any other way?!

I worry about you guys. You appear to live in the wilds and you have few comments on your blog, yet it is one of the most beautiful in the blogosphere. Forgive me for seeming to interfere - just saying:) xxx

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Thanks for commenting.

Our blog is one of the ways we interact with our boys. It is also our way of archiving our adventures.

Photo-albums have never worked for us. With the blog we easily and regularly look back at events and adventures. It is a great tool for us.

We are amazed that people from around the world visit and even comment. This is rewarding and motivational too.

It is all about fun for us, and we are having a ball.