Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Cat Therapy

Its been over six months since I've had a migraine headache, after seven years of having them several times a month, sometimes multiple times each week.  Its like waking up from a really bad dream that you can't quite remember, but don't ever want to have again.

So I get to celebrate by decreasing the medication I've been taking (nortriptyline), which has also helped as an antidepressant.  And oh boy, it has definitely been doing something, because after a few days at a 20% reduced dose I am so tired and sore. The brain should catch up and make more chemicals on its own, once it realizes the artificial support is gone (well, that's the plan anyway :).   The boys seem to know something is up...

 Uschi keeps staring at me like I smell strange (maybe I do).

 Tanji is staying within petting distance...

 T always knows when I need a bit of mushing.

Vladi is hard at work defending my lap.
This is the slightly pissy ears-back look V gives his brothers.
All of this attention makes me feel 100% better!

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Bonnie said...

So glad to hear that you're out from under the crushing weight of migraines. Best wishes to you on getting back to your active pre-m. lifestyle.