Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fancy New Placemat

The boys have a new goodie, a placemat from their Dad.

This is an excellent idea, because the food bowl area can get
a little messy (this is what it looks like when its pretty clean).

Uschi is trying to get at the food in the packaging photo.

 Ten minutes later, Uschi is still staring at the fake food.
He has always liked to stare at things.

 Ears back, Usch is beginning to suspect this is a trick.
 The mat has snazzy paw prints for grip on the back.

 Tanji and Vladii are taking full advantage of their new dining room.

Uschi still prefers his food in his own space, between his wheel,
his scratching post, and his Vera Bradley placemat nest.

1 comment:

Deven said...

Can't blame U for thinking that's a bowl of food on the mat!