Thursday, October 25, 2012

NOT Going Out

Today was the perfect fall day: sunny and crisp.
But I was tired and a little sore from biking,
so on the car ride home I kept repeating;
We're not going out for a walk today,
no matter how much Uschi yells, we're not going out,
Vladi can try to herd me to the door, we're not going out,
even if Tanji shows me his belly, we're NOT going out...

As soon as I get home, Tanji tries the belly flip...

...and out we go.

 Vladi bee-lines for his replenished dirt pile.

It is a bit damp so V gets good and muddied up.

 Uschi finds a patch of green grass to munch (and throw up).
Tanji takes off running up a trail...

 ...and then zooms right back again.

 I'm jazzed because T and V are hanging together.

These two are actually hatching a plan to sneak under the
fence onto our neighbor's property.  After a bit of chasing,
these bad boys are sent home for a time out and dinner.
That leaves me to enjoy full-on Uschi time.

Following the swishing tail into the sunset,
it ended up being a good day out.

1 comment:

silvia said...

smart, good T-boy, he surely sensed the "not" day and immediately played the winning belly card.