Saturday, February 02, 2013

Happy Birthday T & U!

Tanji woke me up early this morning, its his birthday, and Uschi's too!
They are seven years old today and we are celebrating all weekend.

 Uschi wants one thing for his birthday: pets from his Daaaaaaddd.

 Ohhh, that's the good stuff.

 Oh yea, keep it coming.

U is falling apart, reverting to his kitten face.

 The purring and meowing are getting louder and louder.

Close by in the window, Tanji is waiting for his pets.

T does head flips to get attention, like his mom Skye.
We think of Skye and the boys' Aunt Kelli often!

Oh, that is a happy boy (Tanji too :).

 T is relaxing into his kitten face like Uschi.

 Getting that loving look can just melt you to your toes.

All of this mushing is causing the boys to get a little wild...
 Tanji is kick-pickling the window post...

 ...and Uschi is singing "Happy Birthday to Me..."

Of course we have cake...

 Tanji stalks his prey.

 Our wild man's gold glitter is mesmerizing (so is the cake).

 Uschi is showing off his own sparkly fur,
while getting another round of pets.

This is a comfy, cozy, happy birthday for everyone.


silvia said...

happy, happy feline birthday to these two adorable bengal brothers!!! sooooo cute & mushy they are.

how about mr. vladiator, didn't he try to rob his older brother's b-cake? ;)

Bonnie said...

Happy birthday to the Bengal Boyz! (A little late -- sorry.) Tail tugs and whisker kisses to you both!