Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Martha Stewart Oasis

Tanji is waiting for me to walk with him, Vladi is sprinting on ahead.


It looks like Vladi's front legs get close to being crossed,
but somehow this gait works for him.

There is a lot of muscle under all that fluff.

Vladi has led us down the trail to the "Martha Stewart" seating area.
There are a few pieces of Kmart outdoor furniture we have left from
our first house, shaded in the summer by birch trees.

The couch cushions are flipped to drain, so Vladi walks on the back.
He is probably thinking about pouncing on Tanji.

T knows something is up and tentatively circles the table, before...

Climbing up a tree, safely out of reach of Vladi paws.

1 comment:

silvia said...

wow for the exited v-sprinter!!! sure he hasn't any drop of cheetah blood running through his veins?