Monday, February 04, 2013

T Gets V

In yesterday's blog, Vladi pounced on Tanji.
Here's what happened next...

Vladi is happily loping down the trail, meowing to himself...

(Tanji was hiding in the tall grass)

I got you, I got you!

Tanji is prepared to add a punch or two...

But Vladi has recovered quickly and is ready to fight back.

You want a piece of me?  Come and get it!

Tanji decides that is enough scrimmaging for now,
and heads back into the tall grass.


silvia said...

THIS is even better than watching the superbowl!!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie said...

I heartily agree that this is better than watching the Super Bowl, especially seeing Tanji caught in mid-air attack mode. Grrrrrrrrr!