Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vladi Gets & Loses Friends

A few weeks ago Vladi wasn't feeling well.
Directly after he poo'd we scooped the litter box
and found that his stool was all bloody.
He also had blood on his butt,...

Of course we panicked, and took the sample to the V.E.T.
Two days later(!) they called to say "nothing found"
in the stool sample.

Vladi appeared to be feeling better so the boys
headed outside for a walk,... a few minutes later,
Lesley "called" from across the field,
"bring a container!!!"

I ran !!!

This little guy was clearly visible in V's poo!

Needless to say, but the V.E.T. was called and
"talked with."  They wanted to see V, but since
they had already said the stool sample was fine
and were going to look into other things, we said
no, we want de-worming medication and were
not bringing him in.  The pills were made available.

1.5 tabs of Drontal (Praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate).
We later found that these are available on the web, no V.E.T.

Now, the next "issue" was how to get the 1.5 pills
into Vladimir.  First up, we tried to hide the pills in his
food,... Nope, ate right around them,...

Next up, we ground/powderized 1/2 a pill into some
Turkey baby food and smeared it on his front paws.

He wasn't happy but cleaned up.  In less than 15 minutes
he started vomiting, and vomiting, then poo-ing, then
vomiting, and vomiting,... finally

This guy came up!!!!!!

A good sized tape-worm mostly intact,...

Did you see my worm,... ummmm,... my "friend"?

We let him settle down for a few hours,
then crushed up the remaining full pill and
mixed it in cream cheese,... and

smeared it on his front paws.

After running around shaking his legs

V gave up and took his medicine.

He seemed fine, no vomiting, no blood in his
stool, etc.  It took a few days for his energy levels
to come back up, but now he is pretty much
back to his old self for the past few weeks.

Sharing his "friends" with the rest of the family.

In a few more weeks we will dose him again.

Tanjiro & Uschi do not show any signs of worms
but we are keeping a close eye on everyone.


silvia said...

poor vladiator! amassing "friends" is not always a quality gage... but at least, the color of the worm guy almost matched v's fur color....
btw: don't your boys just accept that you stuff them a (little) pill into their mouth/throat? but then, V just looks so sweet with his "creamy paws". ;-)

Anonymous said...

Poor little V!

One of my cats has been a medically troubled little thing and we have had to get quite a few pills into her. You might want to look into something commonly called a pill popper for cats (or pets). There are many different companies making these things, so I'm not going to get very specific with a brand.

It's sort of like a syringe with a rubber tip. You put the pill in the end, tilt the cat's head back gently until they open their mouth, then quickly put the tube into the cat's mouth beyond the tongue. Push the plunger, the pill gets dumped into the cat's throat and you're done. It's really fast, and since you're bypassing the tongue, the cat doesn't get the bitterness of the pill and less vomitting etc.

Anyhow, best of luck to little V

Bonnie said...

Poor Vladi! With friends like these, who needs enemies? What a good idea to pulverize the pill, mix it in baby food, and smear it on a cat's paws to get him to ingest it. I have now filed that away for future use!

Wrenaria said...

Poor V! Glad he is feeling better!