Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Coming Home

Its been almost a year since our family
faced a crisis that interrupted our lives,
including this seven-year daily blog about our boys.

A year ago the geese were amassing to fly North and
it wasn't clear where we would all be when they left again.

The geese are on the move, and we are happily celebrating
a year of strength, growth, joy, and now finally coming home.

On their walk today, the boys found that things
are returning to where they belong.

What's "Veronica" doing in the middle of my path?

Tanji and Uschi are cautious in checking out the car...

Vladi is a bit bolder, he's already posing on the tailgate.

What did you bring me?

Things may not go faster with the help of three Bengals,
but it is definitely more entertaining.

Oh-boy, this smells like MY daaad.

Lets get "Veronica" moving, I need some speed.

Daaaad, let's go for a drive.
Once we got everything and everyone settled in...

It was time to celebrate!
(Yes there is a lit Christmas tree still up in the background)

1 comment:

silvia said...

life (heart) has its cycles which we (mind) never will be capable to understand.
all the best !!!