Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spotted Race

After a long walk the spotted brothers were still down in the SW corner.
They knew it was time to head home,...

Pretending to be interested in each other.

Vladi - Woooo Hooooo'd

And they were off.

T gapped V quickly,

Then hit the brakes when they reached the first intersection.

Ha Ha, I'm faster than you,...

V jumped and Zoooomed,...

V sensed T closing in and braked.

T changed course,

V tried to intercept but

T had kicked in the after-burners and was "horsy to the barn."

T shot past the fire-ball and between the house and rosemary.
V changed course,...

Zooming around the front, headed to Meome.

1 comment:

silvia said...

cat adventures at its best - this sequence would have been great as a motion picture!
great pictures 6 & 9.