Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kennel Re-Tasking Construction

The NW corner of the boys kennel is under "re-tasking" construction.
This sequence is from several days of adventurizing.

What happened to MY kennel?

You brought me cement blocks?

Ummmm? this feels strange

No fencing around me,...

My perch is still there,...


Hmmm? I can smell the roof.

A strange perspective, outside looking at the other perch.

Leaping down.

This  phone line seems important,...




Why is all our dirt piled up?

I can climb too,...

How high did I get?

A new perch?

A few days later and there has been some digging.

This doesn't seem right.

No looking back now.

This is exciting.

Vladi inspection.

This is a plumb job.

Uschi scrutinizes plumbness.

Tanji is confident of the progress and walks right over the
rebar-filled compacted gravel.  More adventures to come.

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