Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Want To Go Home

Tanji was "bad," he got well into the "buffer-zone"
we have around the yard, getting him too close to the road,
(he was still inside the fence), and had to be leashed up.

He knew he was bad,...
and was desperate to get home.

I was walking as fast as I could,...

but it wasn't fast enough

for Tanj,

who was pulling,

and struggling against the leash.

By the time we got home,
T was panting, and gasping
because he had exerted so much
energy pulling against the leash.

The picture doesn't show it but he was "not all here,"
after his major anaerobic effort against the leash.

Lesley soothed and calmed him,

and he collapsed for a nap.

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Daisy said...

Poor Tanji! That sounds like a very scary adventure you had. I think you might have learned a good lesson about getting too close to the road. You were very right to try so hard to get home fast.

Karen Jo said...

It sounds like both of you got more exercise than usual. I also hope Tanji learned a lesson about getting too close to the road.