Sunday, April 29, 2007


Each summer we water hundreds of trees every week by pulling around long garden hoses. Last year the boys enjoyed the spraying water and snaky hoses. It takes a lot of effort to pull the hoses around and after 700' of garden hose, there is just a trickle of water. To make the watering job a little easier, I decided to run 1200' of 5/4" PVC pipe to route water out to new "frost free hydrants." The first step was to dig the trenches for the piping, and of course this created a kitty playground...

The weather was perfect for trenching,
the boys watched "patiently" from their kennel.

Happy as can be
playing with a big boy toy!

Once the trenching was done, the boys were able to
safely investigate what all the noise was about...

Uschi immediately found the main trench...

and ran the entire length.

Tanj inspected the perimeter...

and did a little trenching of his own.

"Boy Usch, this looks deep!"

Brave Uschi descended into a shallow spot and...

ran deep within the cool damp trench.
Meanwhile Tanj ran along the top meowing...

"Uschi, get back up here!"

Woooo Hoooo that was fun!!!

Wow, what is this ?

My turn to take this for a spin!

Vroom, vroom - make it go!

There was no ride for Uschi,
so he surveyed his new trenches.

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Daisy said...

Wow! Monster Trucks! That looks like fun. I am glad you did not have to dig the trench with just your clawrs.

Lavs said...

Sorry again Beijing, I can not post comments that I can not read. Your comments came through in Chinese.