Wednesday, October 03, 2007

U&V Visit The V-E-T

Today it was back to the V-E-T for Vladi's rabies shot,
and it was Uschi's turn to keep him company.

As soon as we put the carrier by the door,
Tanji dove under the ottoman.

"I'm not getting in there!!"

Uschi, on the other hand, was ready to go...

"Get this door open!"

We tucked Vladi inside, and headed to the car.

Uschi was surprisingly subdued, and
settled into his favorite "admire me" position.

Vladi was a little more excited!


"Where are we going?"

"What's that?"

"Are you listening to me?"

"Hellooo,... are you listening??"

At a stoplight, Vladi wandered into forbidden territory
(Driver's lap)

That's better. Its safer for kittens over here.

We arrived and Les went to check us in.

"Where did mom go?"

Uschi is "patiently" waiting for Les' return.
(He is so big!)

We loaded the boys into their carrier and headed inside.

Mr. Personality posed, as Vladi explored the examination room.

Both boys were pretty calm
(unlike someone we know and love).

Our veterinary assistant offered the boys Greenies treats.
Uschi sniffs and licks his chops (hmmm, smells fishy)...
"No thanks."

Vladi was calm enough to gobble up all of the treats
including Uschi's.

While Vladi was getting weighed (and adored) in another room
(he's up to 4 pounds, 11 ounces),

Uschi explored the counter
"There have to be some venison goodies up here!"

Vladi came back, followed by a group of admirers...
(there was a steady stream of technicians entering the
exam room to visit and praise the boys)

So, Uschi posed and soaked up the attention.

Vladi's vaccine was no big deal,...
he stood there munching
on cheese-whiz.

Its time to go and both boys look a little tired.

Vladi calmly watched passing cars...

And joined Uschi in the back window.

As we got closer to home,

Vladi joined us up front...

And so did happy Uschi.

We headed back to the house,
expecting to find Tanji anxiously waiting,


He's been hiding under the ottoman the whole time!

Vladi crashed on Tanji's couch towel, stretched out in the
crack between cushions, just like his big brother.

Uschi passed out face-down on his favorite blanket.
Its been a big week for our boys!

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Daisy said...

My V-E-T does not ever give me Greenies, or any other treats. Yours seems very nice.