Monday, October 08, 2007

Vladi Has Energy

Vladimir is a bundle of energy. Inside he rips around, pouncing on things that don't seem to be there, this usually gets Tanji excited. Outside, he does the same thing, all of a sudden he jumps straight up in the air and takes off only to come zooming back. When he finds a vermin hole, he goes crazy flying around it, it is funny to watch. T&U, just look at him like, "what is his problem",... we've got the pictures to prove that they once did that also. >;-)

There he goes,...


His tail is pretty amazing,
it is on its way to being longer than either T or U's,
and it is very often fluffed up. He likes to tuck
his tail over his back.

What form,...

Ears back, good for aerodynamics.

Turning it up, in a corner.

Vladi is a big time climber,
we will have to keep an eye on this one,...
he has already climbed higher
than both of his big brothers,
luckily he is a real good descender.

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Karen said...

What AMAZING photos!!!!!!!

I never miss a day of T, U and V (TUV luv?) and today was fabulous.

Keep up the good work!

Karen in NorCal

Anonymous said...

Vladi is amazing and the photography certainly is up to the task of capturing that.

As for what karen said, you could call it UTV but then Uschi might get an even bigger ego than he already has. ^^

Anonymous said...

love that over the back fluff tail. each one of them is so amazing. hard to believe the big boyz were like that too.
max cat

Tanya said...

Wow what a kitty. I love the pictures. You've really captured his speed. Love the ears back when he runs. He is so intent on where ever he's going. Thank you for sharing!!