Sunday, October 21, 2007

Vladi's First Mouse

#1 house mouse hunter of Fall 2007!
(looking kind of annoyed that we took his trophy away)

This morning Vladi caught his first house mouse (to go along with the shrew he brought in from the kennel yesterday), and boy is he excited! There have been steady rains the past few days, and many mice have been searching for shelter in our walls. We can hear them scurrying around, especially at night. Yesterday we saw our first mouse in the house, but it eluded Tanji, despite his amazing stalking abilities. Today Vladi managed to catch a mouse by the washing machine, and there was the usual frenzy; Tanj and Usch wanting to play too, and me trying to get the mouse safely away from our wild men. Once the mouse was in a container, Vladi could take a closer look...

The mouse is holding very still,
and at first Vladi does not see his catch...

There it is!
Mine, all mine!

Tanj and Usch are ready to assist, if necessary.

Vlad and Tanj take a closer look.

Vladi looks the mouse in the eye.

The little mouse is pretty scared, and its time
to take him back outside where he belongs.

Wait a minute, that's our toy!

The boys are keeping a united eye out for more mice.

That would have been good licking!

Vladi shows Tanji where the mouse was hiding.

Maybe the mousie has a friend who'd like to play with me!

Hellllooooooo, are you in there?

Vladi is still in the bathroom looking for mice,
he'll probably be there all day!

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Becca said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What a momentous occasion - your first mousie!! What a good little hunter (but I'm glad mousie lives to fight another day.)

Black Cat said...

Way to go Vladi! Good hunting! But like Becca, I'm glad the mousie lived. I'm amazed how much Vladi has grown already, I think he'll be bigger than Tanj and Ushi:) xxx

Daisy said...

Vladi looks gorgeous in that first photo, I really like his coloring.

Tory said...

I was just going to say that Vlad looks like he's growing like a weed... Getting so big!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Vladi's body structure, some of his personality traits, fur texture, etc. seems to be right between T&U's. But, it does seem like he is headed to be larger overall. He has a small wild head but his body is growing quickly. He eats WAAAAAY more than T&U did at his age and do now. T&U have never been pushy about getting food, but V yells for it then pushes the big boy away. He is still significantly smaller than T&U, he walks right under their bellies, no problem. The perspective on these pictures does make him look bigger however.

Bengal Lady said...

What? No, mouse dance? Uschi needs to show you some "rodent dance moves".

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

You have to kill them befor the humans get hold of them, otherwise they will try to save them. Most annoying. I prefer to kill and eat.