Sunday, October 07, 2007

Random VI

Today's blog will be collection of random pictures of Tanj & Uschi from before Vladi joined the family. The pictures are ones that we liked and complement some of the "story line" blogs already posted, but didn't seem to build a story in themselves.

Walking into the sun,

notice Uschi, stopping to sniff flowers in the background,

before stalking over the top of a dirt mound,

and laying down on my foot.

Ooooo, some loose dirt,...

Whatcha' doin' Tanj ?

Uschi heads off Tanj

Then it is off to the races.

mmmm, this Oregon grape smells good.

This wood pile is interesting,

Teddy bear fur Uschi

on the well-house roof.

The brothers investigate my "shop"

Who are you ???


Brothers who stalk together.

Tanji surprises Uschi

Uschi turns it on.

Tanji turns it on.

Uschi lays in wait for a galloping Tanji

The boys are off again.

Window Cat Tree patting match.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aabsolutely love Who are YOU !
look at thos stripes on T's fluff-tail. Gorgeous.