Friday, January 11, 2008

Uschi Is Back!

Over the summer, before Vladi joined us, Uschi was developing a full-blown attitude ("Uschi-tude"). Usch wanted little to do with Tanji (who can be a bit over-eager for play), and was growling and hissing at all of us. Of course it was all show and no go, but we were worried that he wasn't a happy boy.

Then Vladi came home, and Uschi was REALLY annoyed. However, over the past few months, Uschi has reverted back to his sweet-kitten-self. He is playing with Tanji and Vladi every day, occasionally acknowledges that Les exists, and "talks" to me endlessly as we go for our daily walks. This week Uschi started climbing up between Les and me on the couch, sometimes even touching us. Wow!

I've been picking Uschi up more every day (he was getting a bit feral, like the rest of the family), and although he wants to get away, he purrs and kneads like crazy... When I really feel like "messing" with him, I pick him up and hold him on his back.

At first, Uschi is a "little" tense...

Then, I start talking to him...

and Uschi talks right back.

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The Fluffy Tribe said...

Uschi looks like he is giving you the whatfor for holdin him like that LOL ~The FLuffy Tribe

chiropollock said...

Our kitty Moe doesn't really like to be held either but in the morning he will sit still on my lap for about 2 minutes without fussing (let me clarify that I have to hold onto him) then he has learned to lean in for kisses before his escape. But the best days are when he jumps up into the chair unsolicited and settles next to you for a good scratch. Also he is very much more attached to me than my husband and we have no idea why.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

U - loves his pets and yells for them, but doesn't like to be held. He has taken to riding on my shoulder when outside. when holding Uschi he purrs and kneads while meowing loudly. We think he is confused about what he wants. >;-)

T - will not let me hold him, but likes for Lesley to hold him. He now sleeps with us every night,... He LOVES his petting.

V - is a MUSH, and sits in laps, and kneads and purrs loudly all over the place. At first he isn't sure about being held but then relaxes.