Saturday, January 12, 2008

Refrigerator Repairmen

"This looks broken..."

Living in a small home, we decide to keep our appliances to a minimum: refrigerator, microwave/oven combo, dishwasher, and Washer/Dryer. We bought all of these new a few years ago when we moved to our new (and basically unfinished) home. We purchased top "quality" brand appliances (Kenmore Elite, GE Profile, Bosch, Whirl-pool Duet). Well, the microwave/oven has never worked quite right, the dishwasher has stopped dispensing soap, and today was the big one: the fridge stopped cooling. Of course this happened on a weekend after business hours. I got on the phone and called Sears customer service, and found out the earliest a repair-person could come out would be Wednesday. So, I decided to take a look. After pulling the fridge away from the wall, I checked to make sure everything was safe for the boys, who were on their way...

Vladi is the first to arrive...

He is absolutely fearless and zipped behind the fridge.

Tanji and Uschi are close behind, their
postures are a little less certain.

Soon all three are in the back offering advice.
Mice have gotten back there through a hole
in the wall, so this smells great to the boys.

"This tag looks O.K.!"

"Yep, the counter is O.K. too!"

Uschi checks out the removed shelves.
"Hey, this is where my open canned food goes!"

I took off the back plate, as Uschi watched intently.
He has always been a good helper.

Vladi is watching me closely too...

"Do you know what you're doing??"

This is new to me Vladi.

Tanji knows better, he's napping next to Les
as she edits these photos.

Later I Googled refrigerator issues, and under
"compressor is on but does not cool" the verdict
is something like you might as well "buy a new fridge."

Uschi's wide eyes sum up our reaction to this news!

The only thing that looks strange is that the
evaporator fan isn't turning fast. It is moving, so it
is getting power/signal. A few sites said this
is typically the problem.

Well this week we are probably going to be visited by
a repairman and/or an appliance delivery man, so
at least the boys will have new adventures! (eek)

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