Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Uschi's Drainage Ditch

The rains returned early this morning and
washed away last nights snow before we woke.

Our flat yard has standing water all over the
dense clay soil. So far this year, I have hand dug
about 350 feet of two feet deep ditch, for drain tile.

What is this,... ??

Uschi investigates a ditch.
(U loves trenches)

Hmmm, this is new.

What is that over there,....

Wow, more ditch.

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Black Cat said...

Wowee, you have been working hard to dig such a big ditch! Let's hope the cats don't jump into it!

Thanks so much for signing my guest book, it's much appreciated:) xxx

Beccacat said...

Go Investigator Cat! Its very important for things such as ditches to be thoroughly inspected, so it is very handy to have cat on hand for such important tasks.