Monday, January 07, 2008

January "Snow"

Our weather has been stormy,
we've received lots of rain,

had some icing, but we haven't had any snow stick.
This morning we woke to a very slight dusting of snow
but had to get to work, so we rushed home at lunch
to take the boys out into what was left of the "snow."

This is Vladi's first snow.

Hmmmm,... this is new,...

Scampering off to explore,...

I'm not sure about this,...

My feet are cold but the sun is nice.


bounds through some frozen dusted tall grass.

Uschi watches



then bounds at him.

Then it is off on a new adventure.

Tanji watches,...

Vladi run, to

check out the thinly iced over pond.
(careful V-man)

Then it is back inside for a bath,...

T & U relax after their adventure,...

Hey, does anyone want to play ??!!

Night-time addition.
Tanji woke and headed to the kennel,
seconds later he came running in, went straight
to the wheel and started running hard. This is
Tanji telling us that something is outside.
He then jumps off and runs back outside,
then repeats the process.

Something is outside in the dark !!!

I turned on the outside lights and,...

it is snowing,...

the pond plants

have a dusting,...

and more is coming down,
ever so gently.

Maybe another snow adventure tomorrow,...

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