Monday, January 21, 2008


When we first met Vladimir he loved to run
on the wheels at CDNW, but our wheel is
Uschi's wheel, and Uschi does not share.

Recently, however, both Tanji and Vladi have
pushed their way onto the wheel.

Look at me,... I'm growing-up.

Careful steps,....

(Guys, can't you see the color of my fur,...?)

Now my feet are all dirty,...

Oh well,... I might as well

check out this mud "puddle."

Oooo, this mud is squishy between my toes.

Now my feet are really dirty.


I can still climb the big oak trees.

and I've got a cool spotted "back-V"
and a long thick tail.

That was a good outside walk, therefor it is
time to head inside with my muddy feet
and find a good place for a nap.

How about curling up among the
bed pillows on the sheets.

these sheets are nice and silky on my belly.

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Pappa, Pate and Nami said...

Go, Vladi, go! :-)
There is no better place for a nap than silky bed sheets of your personnel. Especially when you have been almost swimming in the mud. *LOL*
Best wishes and high five paws to all of you from Finland, we finally have snow here :D

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I hope you washed those muddy paws before you crawled up on the nice clean bed.