Sunday, February 03, 2008

Baby T & U

Baby-boys yawning.

Yesterday when we were putting together T & U's birthday blog we looked back in the picture archive and found a bunch of shots from May 2006. T & U were a little over three months old, and had only been home with us for two weeks. We have hundreds of these pre-blog photos, and they really make us smile... so we needed to post some of them.

The brothers explore red flowering clover, and

a butterfly bush.
(U sitting and watching, T ready for action)

The boys enjoy the outside,...

Tanji relaxes in my shadow, before

yelling at the short green grass, and

also some tall green grass.

Tanji heads off into the tall green grass,
which is

a good hiding place.

Baby-T on the picnic table.

Baby-U under the picnic table.

Happy boys.

Uschi heads off on an adventure.

Tanji poses by some flowering rosemary.

Back inside,

Baby T & U battle

Playing with a feather mouse, and

a lamp pull.

Everyone has had a big day so it is time to nap.

The brothers lounge on my legs, then

Tanji curls up on my chest,... before

T & U find each other in a basket,

ready for a nap.

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1 comment:

Tanya said...

The boys have really grown!!It's been such a pleasure to watch them grow! Thank you.