Monday, February 04, 2008

Birthday Lemon

What'cha got Usch?

We regularly splurge on toys for the boys, so when T & U's birthday rolled around, we had goodies stashed for the event. For Tanji, we had a bag of new glitterballs. He likes to gum the pom-poms, so they end up wet and squished hard. In the middle of the night Tanji leaves his warm spot on the bed and collects the glitterballs lying around the house, moving them to his favorite food bowl. We've only caught him doing this a few times, but we know its him because of the excited look he gets when we re-disperse the glitterballs all over the place in the morning.

Tanji was here! This is supposed to be Vladi's baby cat
dish, but the big boys like to inhale the little kitten food.

For Uschi, we had a catnip lemon to replace the two
catnip bananas he has licked to pieces...

"What's this?"


Uschi hugs the lemon...

kicks the lemon...

licks the lemon...

and bites the lemon too.

"Wait a minute, who is that behind me?"

Back off Vladi,...

"This is MY special toy!"

The catnip is getting to Uschi and he is looking
a little mushy. Soon he is fast asleep.

Tani appears and gives the lemon a little sniff.

"Why is this thing all wet?"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I got a laugh when I read about Tanji putting the glitterballs in the food dish. It reminded me of my schnauzer. Daisy was miffed (and bored) at being left home, so she gathered up all the shoes she could find and put them in a pile in the living room. No teeth marks, mind you, just a big pile of shoes for us to have to put away. Smart girl!