Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birthday T & U

We can't believe it, but today Tanji and Uschi are two years old! We have vivid and happy memories of visiting T & U in Seattle when they were only a few weeks old! We often talk about how lucky we were: finding Kelli and CNW in the first place, looking for kittens at the same time our little guys were born, meeting and falling for fabulous Uschi, and picking Tanji from his cute spotted brothers. Now two years later, both boys are remarkably similar to when we visited them at five-weeks and seven-weeks old: Uschi is still confident and independent, and loves to be the center of attention; Tanji is still an affectionate, playful wildman, who always wants to be close to us. They have given us two years of continual adventures and happiness, and we hope they are having a good time too.

We had to have cake to celebrate (of course),
and a helium balloon for a little supervised play...

"Happy Birthday to us!"

All three boys investigate the little
clip that weighs the balloon down.
"Oh boy, they got us a clip!" (silly bengals)

Vladi isn't too interested and leaves
the balloon to the birthday boys.

Tanji gazes longingly at the balloon.

Those eyes tell us he's fighting the urge
to be a Baaaaaaaaaadddddd boy.

Uschi is gazing too, but never feels
the need to resist his temptations...

"Mine, all mine!"

"I've got it by the neck Tanji, quick jump on it!"

But Tanji takes off, he wants to be a good boy.

Uschi is getting pretty excited...

"Wooooo Hoooooooo!"

"I've got it by the tail!"

"Oh no, its dragging me!"

Uschi grabs the balloon and we hear
a little "pop" followed by "Sssssssssss"

It took Uschi less than 15 minutes
to burst his balloon.

Tanji comes rushing back to pounce
on the "wounded prey,"

before heading to higher ground to

supervise from above.

"Look at my stripe,..."

"I'm super-Uschi!"

Its time for cake!

We have two cakes: a light brown peanut brownie for Tanji,
and a darker brown turtle brownie for Uschi.

"This one's mine, but what I really want is....."


Tanj and Usch used to love the pouched "cuts and gravy" food,
until they developed an "aversion" and the food was recalled.

This month the food is back, and as a treat we stocked up...

Uschi wants some...

Tanji wants some too!


Wait a minute, where did Vladi come from?
It must be dinner time!

The boys settle in for a three-course dinner
by their busted Birthday balloon.

Happy Birthday T & U !

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Uschi and Tanji! Remy and Rufus send their best wishes and whisker kisses.

(By the way, that eighth photo shows off just what a long, lean, lithe lovely you are, Tanji!)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday BOyz ! what fun to look back at some of their earlier pics too. hard to believe they were every THAT small and fuzzy.. maxcat

Black Cat said...

Happy Birthday Tanji and Uschi. Sorry I'm a day late, but you look like you had a really fun time:) xxx

Pam said...

Happy Birthday to the boys!!!!
From Kinny, Tessa and Abby,
and from their servant, Pam,

Bengal Lady said...

Happy T&U Day!! Two years - wow - time flies.