Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vladi's New Post

I was standing watching Uschi stare
at a blade of grass, when I noticed

Vladi on the NW corner fence post.

Lesley was right there

Securely holding his leash, and

taking pictures of him.

Vladi turned and watched my approach.

He stared intently,...

But a

big truck went zooming by,...
**the truck was a lot further away than it looks
through this long lens shot

Vladi turned and watched it,

as it went on down the road.

That was kind of scary,...

Did they notice me?

Does anyone else want to look at me?

We want the boys to be scared of cars and the road.
Soon after the truck went past, Vladi had enough and
slunk back towards the middle of the property, Good Boy!!

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Anonymous said...

maybe that handsome guy needs his own post closer to home... where he can perch safely any time.

Daisy said...

Wow! I would have run like the wind if a big truck like that went by me. Vladi, you are brave.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I will not go into the street if their are cars and trucks there. I always look both ways before I cross the street. No one ever see cat do this before, but I am smart. I always do this. Cars and Trucks do not scare me, but I do not really like them either. The garbage eating monster scares me though.