Thursday, May 17, 2012

Growth and Regrowth

Its a time of change and growth,
so of course it's also time for a new haircut.
(Done at home, we're saving our pennies).
It's shorter than Uschi's belly fur!

Yep that's scalp showing, yikes!
The plan is to see how much it can grow in one year,
 and hopefully growth and regrowth will go hand in hand.

The gorgeous ring is a talisman, from the very talented

A sublime chrysocolla snuggled in the perfect setting.

On the "Uschi color scale" somewhere between the
color of his harness and his glowing eyes.
On the back "strength & balance" are engraved,
perfect thoughts for the good and better times ahead.

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Deven said...

Leslie looks wonderful...the ring just adds to it so well.

Bengal Lady said...

Growth is always awesome! So is your new hair style - love it, girl!