Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nurse Vladi

In bed, Tanji is the night nurse,
but on the sectional, Vladi takes charge.

Its been two weeks and the "like-the-flu-but-not-the-flu"
virus is lingering.  Its midnight and Nurse Vladi is at work...

 A bit of kneading therapy is just the trick
(to wake up the already sleepy/sweaty patient).

Why did I get booted?  I was just trying to help!

 Hours later Vladi is still keeping watch, but starting to fade...

That's enough nursing for now, job well done.

Can't wait until we are all 100% again!

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1 comment:

silvia said...

with such caring nurses 24/24hrs, surely any sickness becomes more bearable..
and sooo cute vlady's face in picture #4 (from above).

get well soon, wish all of you to recover at full energy asap.