Friday, May 11, 2012

Under the Weather

After a whirlwind few months, things are settling down,
so of course we have gotten sick :). 

Mommie-T is watching over us carefully...

Veggie-bean soup is on the burner...

Our M&M cookie supply is replenished...

 ...and Uschi is burning off his frustrations
over limited "Dad time" on the cat wheel.

Don't worry Vladi, its going to be a beautiful weekend
and we'll be back walking and playing outside soon.

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silvia said...

best wishes lav for a complete and soon recovery !

with chief-doctor T and the compasionate nurses V & U (well, U rather looks like a crazy ambulance driver in his wheel;)) you should be back at full energy level soon.

take care!

Bonnie said...

Sorry -- I was away for the weekend and missed your bout of sickness. I hope you're better. Again, it's Tanji keeping vigil over the invalid. What a sweetie!