Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lets' Go For a Walk!

 Tanji is our watch dog, our perimeter guard, and proximity alert.
He typically likes to do a quick lap around the property
to make sure everything is in order.  But occasionally he
decides to take one of us for a walk instead...

Tanji heads down the trail, and if we don't catch up...

 T comes right back to pick up his stray parent.

Let's go, there's things to do!

Grass to eat...

Flowers to admire...

and inchworms to sniff.

Walks are always more fun with a friend.

The sun is getting low in the sky, its almost time to go home.

Uschi and Vladi are already settled inside. 

The leash is the signal that its time for dinner.

At first Tanji jumps into a "safety chair" and pouts a bit.

 But he's a good boy and hungry too, so we head home.

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silvia said...

good & proud boy he is!
love his overall expression and the composition of pic #3, with long legged & tail up T running back that way the green green trail.

Deven said...

Thanks for sharing your boys with us. Their unique personalities, their good parents, and all your lovely acreage makes for great fun for your readers.