Monday, June 04, 2012

Beautiful Day

We have been having a gorgeous spring,
its been busy, but thanks to the boys needing their walks,
we have an excuse for getting outside on a regular basis.

This weekend we had warm, humid, summery weather.

Perfect for resting and recovering.

Uschi is in his favorite shade spot.

Vladi is chattering away, he wants attention...

Uschi isn't interested.

That's better, a little one-on-one Dad time.

Watching for Tanji, who has too much energy
to sit around on a beautiful day out.

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Deven said...

It all looks like contentment personified...except for Tanji!

silviq said...

i totally agree with deven: tanji is missing to complete the picture.
i miss hiiiim! taaaaaanji, where are you?

Bonnie said...

Have you thought about posting another video, perhaps this time featuring Vladi chattering? It's been awhile since the last video, and it's always nice to hear cats talking. Either that, or some footage of the three boyz leaping for the dragonfly would be awesome.