Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sign of Japan

On the boys' walk today we were daydreaming of summer travel,
and when we started talking about climbing Mt. Fuji in August, 
a little cicada joined us, climbing up my leg.  We don't have a
have a lot of cicadas here, its a sign Japan is in our future.

In Japan cicadas ("semi") and their love songs are a rite of summer,
their yearly return symbolizing reincarnation and evanescence.

We've felt drawn to Japan, even to naming our second son (Tanjiro),
and former ratties (Zenkoji, Nagano, Hakuba, and Lizuna Kogan).

We kind of have to visit Japan someday :)

For now our little cicada is safely nestled on an Asian pear tree,
with Uschi patrolling the perimeter (background right).


mcat said...

neat picture of the cicada -- do you hear them too? and, i see ears behind the tree trunk??

GO NOW while you can !! Don't wait too long ! maxcat

silvia - or shirubia said...

wow, I can almost hear the cicadas singing... and old sweet memories come back (I lived in Japan years ago, and also had my first ocicat from Japan!)

wish you to one day enjoy the prune (ume) or the cherry (sakura) blossoming in spring, or maybe in autumn the intense fragrance of the kinmokusai (osmanthus fragrans var. aurantiacus) - and much much more wonderful aspects of japan!

nya nya - as cats say there ;-)