Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Vladi

Vladi is five years old!
He is pretty much the same boy we fell in love with when we met him,
(except mushier) and he will always be a kitten to us.

 We celebrated with a walk outside
(not sure he appreciated the paparazzi following close behind).

Resting in a shady spot.

Someone is coming...

Tanji must have known it was a special day for Vladi,
he stuck around a while to play under the picnic bench.

Back inside Vladi wolfed down his dinner,
and offered to "help" Uschi with his share.

Don't worry Vladi, we got you a treat...

A cupcake!  Wait don't lick this one...

 That's the one!

Hey, those are for the rest of us (oh,well).

Warm, buttered biscuits too, another favorite goodie.

 A little bit of petting, and it was time...

 ...for sweet dreams.

Happy Birthday Vladi!

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silvia said...

happy happy birthday to charming and sweety-greedy vladi "kitten-cat" :-)

Deven said...

Happy birthday, Jungle Cat Boy!

Bonnie said...

Sorry, Vladi, for missing your birthday! It certainly looked like a happy one, capped off with frosting and caresses. Lucky boy!

Bengal Lady said...

Happy Birthday, Vladi!! I cannot believe you are five years old already. Kisses and purrs!

Wrenaria said...

Happy birthday, handsome boy! Looks like he had a good time.