Sunday, June 24, 2012

Make a Wish

Make a wish, take a deep breath...

...its birthday time again!

No Vladi, not you, this time its Mark's turn.

Around here birthdays are multi-day occasions.

With plenty of cake.

Day #1: Dinner, a movie (Puss in Boots, of course),
and entertainment. A fun evening!

 Day #2: Loaded up the cooler for a short trip to work...

...then home to "walk" the boys.

Uschi's birthday gift for his Dad.

After the boys went back inside,
a bit of mowing to keep the trails open.

Tanji took the opportunity to cuddle his Dad's clothes.
Too cute!

A traditional birthday lunch of mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy,
green beans, and cranberry sauce. 

The boys slept through lunch, but wait until dessert...

Chocolate caramel cake!

Better feed the beast first.

Vladi gets frosting before anyone else.

 Uschi has found a present to open.

A little "light" reading about the answers to life and all that.

 Really its just boils down to petting Uschi as much as possible.

Off to take a walk, and then on to Birthday, Day #3.


silvia said...

congrats, boyz' daaad!

ps: so sweet expression of T on dad's clothes!!
and how much weight hass V the beast accumulated during all these birthday party days, licking so much frosting? ;-)

Deven said...

Enjoy, enjoy!

Bonnie said...

Happy birthday to the best Bengal Boyz blogger in Beastiedom!